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Barbara Tutor for Commissioner

Welcome to Morgan County in rural West Virginia.  Magnificient mountain views and the historic Town of Bath are nestled here in a valley about 100 miles from Washington, DC.  Here, where natives gathered in ancient times.  Here, where founders of America discovered Nature's health spa.  Here, at the Berkeley Springs, your heart will embrace a Sense of Place.  Warm springs of mineral waters relax your body, soothe your spirit, and calm your mind. 

In the shadow of my ancestors, I have encouraged, respected, and listened to the voice of the people while working as an activist.   I am now running for Morgan County Commissioner on the Democratic Slate, to carry-forward the needs and goals of the people for a contemporary "New Deal"  through participative democracy, public integrity, and decisive action.

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Land Use Planning & Zoning for Morgan County, WV

To zone or not to zone?  That is not the real question. 

Will the Zoning Ordinance currently being written by the Planning Commission Subcommittee and Land Use Advisory Committee:

  1. "Keep the rural character of Morgan County?"

  2. Will it preserve our historic Berkeley Springs,

  3. Protect ground water recharge areas,

  4. Assure healthy waterways, forests, wildlife, air, adequate buffer areas? 

  5. Can we retain farmlands for local food sources? 

  6. Who will fund capital improvements for corporate land development - taxpayers or developers?

What will county residents get -

When the people vote on zoning?

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